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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about ISCaDE™ Pro
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  1. How does ISCaDE™ Pro assist with safety case development?

    ISCaDE™ Pro is an integrated safety documentation management environment. It is a safety case editor, safety case model presenter (top-down structured claim/argumentation/evidence), a hazard log and safety risk classification matrix viewer. It hence provides a full audit trail and the complete safety management reports.

  2. Why does ISCaDE™ Pro use a database to store safety case information?

    To achieve full trace ability and an audit trail, using a central multi-user multi-access database for storage, sharing and retrieval of all project/product safety case information is a must.

  3. Why is ISCaDE™ Pro based on DOORS®?

    DOORS® is a market leading requirements management tool. From a systems engineering view, safety case development is primarily about management of safety requirements throughout the project/product lifecycle. Safety is an essential feature of any system so its specific requirements should not be managed in isolation to other system features such as functionality, security, dependability, supportability and other ...ities!

  4. How does ISCaDE™ Pro rate against other similar safety case tools in the market?

    ISCaDE™ Pro is unique is providing an integrated environment approach

  5. What is the benefit of having a Hazard Log and an interactive Safety Risk Classification Matrix within ISCaDE™ Pro?

    In order to demonstrate compliance with generic as well as product-specific safety requirements, one needs to ensure that all hazards associated with that product in its operational context are identified, mitigated and controlled. ISCaDE™ Pro enables trace ability of safety case arguments to hazard log information and to certification requirements arising from safety standards and safety compliance. The safety risk classification matrix provides a graphical snap-shot of progress with hazards management.

  6. Why use Safety Case Models (Notations)?

    For a complex project or product, a structured approach to your Case for Safety is essential. A picture (graphical notation) speaks more than a thousand words. ISCaDE™ Pro provides automatic production of diagrams from structured data stored in a Safety Case module (file).

  7. What are the other potential applications of ISCaDE™ Pro ?

    ISCaDE™ Pro features, such as GSN, may also be used for system security and dependability argumentation. The safety risk classification matrix may be customized to represent a snap-shot of security risks or indeed general project risks at any phases of project from early conception and feasibility study through to decommissioning and disposal.

  8. Which industries is ISCaDE™ Pro applicable to?

    ISCaDE™ Pro has customers in many safety-critical industry sectors such as Transportation, Defence and Avionics. It can assist with managing safety of any product ranging from medical electronic equipment and X-Ray machines to missiles and rockets.

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