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Developing Integrated System Safety Cases using Goal Structuring Notation (GSN)

One-Day Hands-On Training Course 501
London: 5 May 2006

rcm2 limited, in conjunction with Origin Consulting (York) limited, is pleased to announce this one-day hands-on training course on System Safety Case development using the Goal Structuring Notation (GSN) and ISCaDE (Integrated Safety Case Development Environment).

What is GSN?
GSN is a graphical notation used for presenting system safety arguments. It offers an explicit means of representing the decomposition of safety requirements into claims, and support for these claims from available safety evidence. It is useful both at safety planning and the safety audit phases of a project.

What is meant by Integrated Safety Case Management?
Integrated Safety Case Development and Management is about the use of processes and supporting tools to demonstrate the linkage between different elements of a safety regime. These include traceability between hazards, causes and consequences, safety risk reduction and mitigation/control measures, as well as the links to overall safety Goals (objectives) in a structured way and within an integrated database environment. This enables traceability of safety case arguments to hazard log information and to certification requirements arising from standards.

Who is the course for?
Our course is suitable for those whose roles involve System Safety/Reliability Management, Assurance and Risk Mitigation, Safety Engineering and Analysis, Hazard Management, Compliance and Certification.

What will you learn in just one day?
This one-day course introduces the GSN method with two case studies and one group exercise. The attendees are introduced to a GSN software package (ISCaDE™ Pro) used within the day’s group exercises to develop and capture GSN diagrams. In particular, attendees will be shown how it is possible to explicitly link Goal Structures to existing safety documents, requirements and safety standards (such as Defence Standard 00-56 Issue 3 and the HSE Railway Safety Case Assessment Criteria).

Who are the speakers?
Dr Saeed Fararooy
is a Speaker on systems engineering, requirements management processes and IT tools, whole-life system safety and reliability (RAMS/Dependability) management and engineering. He is a practitioner with rcm2 limited, a system safety/reliability solution provider to safety-critical industries.

Dr Rob Weaver is an academic and consultant in the field of safety-critical systems development and assurance. He has been involved in the development of GSN over the last six years.

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