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ISCaDE™ Pro generates following types of modules during its initialization phase for Hazard Log. It is worthy to note that the number of modules generated and their types are totally dependant on the selected configuration. Since ISCaDE™ Pro initialization depends on XML configuration data repository for its initialization process. This short description of the modules is only valid for the default XML configuration data repository.

Formal Modules
The formal modules are the modules which store the actual data of the HazardLog. In the latest version a great change in Hazard Log is made. Previously the hazard log constitutes only one module. Now it has been split into three different modules namely Hazard Module, Accident Module, Safety Functions Module, References Module and Users Module. Another formal module with the name References is used to store references for a specific object in a module. More...

Link Modules
Link modules are the modules which manage the links between the objects of the formal modules. Unlike the previous version there are two link modules related to a Hazard Log. One other link module with the name "has reference" is also created to manage the links between References Module and other Modules. All the links between Hazard, Accident, Safety Functions and References Modules are managed and stored by these link modules. More...

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