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Layered Architecture:

ISCaDE™ Pro has a very flexible architecture as far as different safety standards are concerned. With the isolation of configuration data repository from the main application, it’s easy to update and use any new configuration data repository made for a different standard (e.g. Defence, Rail-wise, ACA etc). Now you can easily mould ISCaDE™ Pro for your own needs and requirements. In this regard technical support is available to help you.

Layered Architecture of ISCaDE™ Pro

ISCaDE™ Pro is mainly divided into three layers. This makes it more flexible, adoptable and easy to use product in the domain of safety & reliability. The layers are:

• Configuration Repository
• Data Layer
• User Interface

Layered Approach Benefits


Configuration Data Repository:

ISCaDE™ Pro stores its configuration data in a repository known as configuration data repository. It is configurable and hence customizable as well. This data repository is initially configured by rcm2 team as per the specification. There can be only one data repository for a particular project. How ever, multiple projects can be initialized from the one configuration.

Configuration Data Repository

Split Hazard Log Architecture:

The latest version of ISCaDE™ Pro splits the hazard log, previously contained in one module, into four different modules naming; Accident Module, Hazard Module, Safety Functions Module and References Module. The linking mechanism between the modules is fool proof and link management is automated through user friendly GUI. The hazards related to an environment for which a safety case is to be developed are enlisted in the Hazard Module. The corresponding accidents are managed in a separate module called Accident Module & Form Accident Module. Safety Functions against every accident that are to be taken in case an accident occurs are enlisted in Safety Functions Module. The module that contains the reference to the stored hazards, accidents and controls and is named as Reference Module.

Hazard Module

Accident Module

Safety Functions Module

Reference Module

Users Module

User Friendly GUI:

DOORS® proved to be the most reliable tool for requirement management. ISCaDE™ Pro, in addition to the functionality it provides, adds a good looking and easy to use forms and graphs. There are forms against every module of Hazard Log and safety case diagrams based on the safety case notations selected before initialization of the safety case module. Safety Risk Matrix presents the analysis of the accidents in a tabular form. This assists the safety manager and engineers to mitigate the risk.

Hazard Form

Accident Form

Safety Functions Form

References Form

Users Form

Automated Link Management:

User can create/edit links using interactive form. Physical links will be created to those records (called objects in DOORS® environment.) that will be checked and will be deleted to those that will be unchecked.

Link Creation Form

Advance Traceability:

ISCaDE™ Pro has another unique feature that exponentially rise its performance and usability graph. That is combined impact view in the Accident Module. This view shows the linked Hazards, Safety Functions and References to an accident at the same time within the Accident Module. The snapshot of the Combined Impact View is shown below;

Combined Impact View

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