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ISCaDE™ Pro was initially developed for the rail industry, to improve customer service. But it can be easily and reliably applied to other safety critical systems as well. Since its architecture is so flexible and dynamic that it can be mould to fulfil the requirements of all other safety critical systems. It is the only safety case development tool to combine the features of a multi-user, multi-access, object-oriented database and graphical presentation capabilities in an integrated environment.

ISCaDE™ Pro has customers in many safety-critical industry sectors such as Transportation, Defence and Avionics. It can assist with managing safety of any product ranging from medical electronic equipment and X-Ray machines to missiles and rockets.

ISCaDE™ Pro features, such as GSN, may also be used for system security and dependability argumentation. The safety risk classification matrix may be customised to represent a snap-shot of security risks or indeed general project risks at any phases of project from early conception and feasibility study through to decommissioning and disposal.

ISCaDE™ Pro has been successfully applied and used in the following areas
  • Rail wise
  • Defence
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Avionics
In above mentioned areas ISCaDE™ Pro has proved to be the most reliable, productive as well as cost effective solution for safety case development and risk assessment. Due to same reason its usage in growing for other safety critical areas as well. The main feature of ISCaDE™ Pro is its flexibility and adoptability for different industry standards.

Due to its XML Configuration Data Repository, it can easily be made equally effective and reliable for other industries also. So adoptability (for different industry standards) requires only minor changes.

We may say that,

Where there is Safety, there is ISCaDE™ Pro.

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