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ISCaDE™ (Integrated Safety Case Development Environment) Pro is a tool built on top of DOORS® (Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System) Database to allow integrated, easy development of safety cases. It is the only safety case development tool build to provide the feature of multi-user, multi-access, object-oriented and graphical presentation capabilities together in an integrated environment. ISCaDE™ Pro can give your organization enormous benefits, both for resources and safety.

ISCaDE™ Pro:
  • can bring you more business through greater assurance of the safety of your products, employees and customers
  • results in clearer and less ambiguous expression and justification of safety cases and is consistent with the requirements of the relevant regulatory body, speeding up approval
  • can be used as an integral part of evaluation and consolidation of best practice in safety case development teams, adding to quality assurance
  • can be used to train new graduates, releasing experienced engineers for core tasks
  • can provide consistency with the requirements of regulatory bodies, speeding up approval process because of its audit trail capability
  • can help all stake holders by allowing easy reviews of information, processes and tools
  • can help safety managers by providing clearer and less ambiguous expression and justification of safety cases.
Currently a large number of organizations with distinct backgrounds and work-areas are relying on ISCaDE™ Pro for their safety case development and risk assessment. This is because ISCaDE™ Pro completely fulfils their standards and requirements. With the passage of time ISCaDE™ Pro popularity amongst safety community is increasing rapidly. Very soon it would be a standard for safety case development and risk assessment around the globe.

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