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ISCaDE™ Pro forms are now loaded with this great feature. Now there is no need to create or edit the links from DOORS® module explorer manually. All this can now be done using ISCaDE™ Pro forms linking facility. Now creating and deleting links between the objects of different HazardLog modules is as easy as just a mouse click.

ISCaDE™ Pro forms for Hazard Module, Accident Module and Safety Functions Module provide this functionality. Hazard Module Form can be used to create links between Hazard, Accident and References Modules. Accident Module Form can be used to create links with any of Hazard, Safety Functions or References Modules. Safety Functions Module provide linking facility for only References Module.

For creating and deleting links between different module objects click the appropriate link below, Note:
It is worth mentioning that the form linking facility of ISCaDE™ Pro uses a pre-defined DOORS® link module linking Hazard, Accident, Safety Functions and References Modules.
  1. safety_links: This link module is used by ISCaDE™ Pro forms to manage links between Hazard Module and rest of the hazard log modules that include Accident Module, Safety Functions Module, References Module and Users Module.
ISCaDE™ Pro initialisation wizard creates all these modules automatically during its initialisation phase.

Creating Links using Forms
To create link, select the appropriate tab for which you want to create link (Accidents, Safety Functions, References or Users) from the Hazard Module Form. Press the link button present at the bottom of the form. A dialog box will appear containing the list of all the Accidents, Safety Functions References or Users(which ever tab is selected).

The form appeared contains the list of all the objects that are present in the corresponding module. (The figure below shows the appeared form when clicking the "Link" button while "Accidents" tab was selected).

Link Editor Form

Check those objects that you want to be linked up with the current module object. Click “Update Link” button to update the links between the objects. At the end click “Close” button to go back to the main module form.

Deleting Links using Forms
To delete links, select the appropriate tab for which you want to delete link (Accidents, Safety Functions, References and Users) from the main module form. Press the link button present at the bottom of the form. The form will show all the objects present in the corresponding module, as well as the links for current selected module object. Just uncheck the check box present before each object to remove the link with that particular object.

Press “Update Link” button for updating the links and then click “close” to go back to main module form.

Link Editor Form

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