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The Safety Case Diagram is enriched with pre-render checks. These checks are based on certain standard and rules. All the rules necessary for a GSN diagram are implemented in these diagrams, thus providing a great ease to user. Now there is no need to check all the standard rules manually. All this would be done automatically, when the user would select to draw the Safety Case Diagram.

The new implemented rules to draw GSN diagram and their short description are given below.
  1. Root must be a Goal.
    According to this rule, the root object
  2. of the Safety Case Module must be a Goal.

  3. There must be one & only one Root.
    This rule says that there must be only one Root for a given Safety Case Module. This means that there can't be multiple roots for a Safety Case Module to draw a GSN diagram.

  4. Goal or Strategy must have a Solution.
    According to this rule, every Goal, Strategy, Sub-Goal or Sub-Strategy must be solved by a Solution.

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