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ISCaDE™ (Integrated Safety Case Development Environment) Pro
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ISCaDE™ Pro is a tool for developing safety cases using differential safety case notations. It is a unique, networked, DOORS® based software environment that helps you to build high confidence and most reliable safety case faster then ever and with fewer staff. It can be applied to all types of safety critical systems. It is the only safety case development tool build to provide the feature of multi-user, multi-access, object-oriented and graphical presentation capabilities together in an integrated environment. When talking about safety case development, the only tool you can rely while working as a team in a network based environment is ISCaDE™ Pro. Provides you the fully customized and automated safety case development environment to define and utilize various safety standards followed around the globe. Besides this the multi-module hazard log adds to ease of the user to manage variety of issues regarding safety and reliability and accident recovery.

ISCaDE™ Pro was initially developed for the rail industry, to improve system safety assurance processes and hence customer service, but is currently also applied to other safety critical systems.

How it Works

Based on a robust systems engineering and requirement management methodology ISCaDE™ Pro
  • helps you identify the processes involved in developing a project, product or plant safety case
  • directs you through these processes, giving methods based on industry standards and best practice
  • captures all activities relating to the development of your safety case in a central, access controlled repository, which is continually updated, can include peer comments and be re-used
  • provides project management information
  • publishes the necessary documentation and audit trail
  • makes available processes, information and tools for common use throughout the supply chain, so that safety cases can be reviewed up and down the chain
  • can be customized to your project, product or plant using the ISCaDE™ Pro project wizard to create templates for project specific data modules

ISCaDE™ (Integrated Safety Case Development Environment) Pro is a tool built on top of DOORS® (Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System) Database to allow integrated, easy development of safety cases. ISCaDE™ Pro has the following features:
  • Flexible environment that is easily adaptable to identified processes based on industry standards and best practice
  • Consistency with requirements of regulatory bodies, speeding up approval process because of its audit trail capability
  • Captures all related activities in a central, access controlled data repository
  • Visibility of information, processes and tools allowing review of the safety case by all stake holders
  • Pictorial representation of processes
  • Provision of project management information
  • Choice of Goal Structuring Notation (GSN), ASCAD (Claims, Arguments, Evidence) or Weighted Factor Analysis (WeFA) for graphical representation of safety case
  • Allows integrated linkages to easily show how safety requirements are established and managed to control, mitigate and eliminate hazards
  • Provides full traceability of links together with justification and rationale
  • Clearer and less ambiguous expression and justification of safety cases
  • PC network or web based environment and runs on any standard PC from notebook computer upwards, giving flexible, efficient and co-operative working.
  • Multi-user, multi-access object-oriented database
  • Multi module hazard log
  • Graphical user interface for editing modules
  • Link management through different forms.
  • Integral configuration management
  • Standard import/export facilities available (e.g. text, word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, hyperlinks, queries and report generation)
  • Extended import/export facility specific to ISCaDE™ Pro
  • Easy to use GUI (graphical user interface) giving quick information retrieval
  • Myriad of industry standard graphical notations for safety case information modelling and argumentation
  • GSN is used for developing safety case. (A choice between GSN, ASCAD and WeFA is available for customised versions.)
To find out more about ISCaDE™ Pro features/capabilities, please click here.


ISCaDE™ Pro:
  • can bring you more business through greater assurance of the safety of your products, employees and customers
  • results in clearer and less ambiguous expression and justification of safety cases and is consistent with the requirements of the relevant regulatory body, speeding up approval
  • can be used as an integral part of evaluation and consolidation of best practice in safety case development teams, adding to quality assurance
  • can be used to train new graduates, releasing experienced engineers for core tasks
Click here to have a deep look upon how ISCaDE™ Pro benefits your organization.

Application Areas

ISCaDE™ Pro was initially developed for the rail industry, to improve customer service. But now ISCaDE™ Pro can be easily and reliably applied to other safety critical systems as well. Since its architecture is so flexible and dynamic that it can be mould to fulfil the requirements of all other safety critical systems. It is the only safety case development tool to combine the features of a multi-user, multi-access, object-oriented database and graphical presentation capabilities in an integrated environment.

Please see other Application Areas for ISCaDE™ Pro.

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